The lake at night

First off, a very happy, very crazy new year to everyone who's been in the habit of dropping by here. Do take time off from work and blogging to go out there and live real.

A very helpful samaritan (you know who you are) took me by the hand the other day and safely got me across the quagmire that is independant hosting. This blog, in effect, will be shifting to a new domain with a spiffy new template that lets me, and you, do much more with it. And, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

On another note, I came across this very nice link courtesy file magazine, and with my fascination for cows (see here and here if you're a Doubting Thomas) I just have to put it out for anyone who hasn't seen it. Its fascinating how a simple subject transforms into art under the hands of a skilled artist!


Pushkar lake, late in the night, is a sight for sore eyes. No tourists, none ofthe riff-raff that run up to you and ambush you into buying a trinket or souvenir, no priests, no dogs, no cats. Just the still of the night, the lights, the water and the little hill. A nice place to be. For sore eyes and sore minds.

This one's a longish exposure- about 30 seconds or so. As a result there's a fair amount of colour shifting and the photograph looks nothing like what I actually saw there that night. But that's part of the fun of shooting at night with the shutter wide open...


Nikon F75, 28-105mm
Fuji 400ISO
2005, Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India.


as at: January 07, 2006 11:23 PM said...

long exposure, wide shutters
flesh out colours our eyes missed
but we sensed somehow - unreal and believable... the night stands exposed
uh , oksy - maybe thats too theatrical - but thats a lovely picture and maybe how that is how it realy was, you know, how probably the cat really saw it.. thank god you had a camera to show you...

sorry, i seem to have lost it completely

george.i. at: January 13, 2006 6:09 AM said...

Sahil, I really like this shot. Can't agree with you more: open the shutter and have some fun. After all...what is reality? By the way, happy new year.