Portrait of a cow

I started this blog, quite atypically in fact, with a post about the bucolic bovine. Atypical because I've never consciously thought of myself as being especially fascinated by them. Until I wrote that post, that is...

This is 'Cow Revisited' or 'Bovine II' or whatever it is that cathces your fancy... Fact is, it's a sequesl beyond the slightest shred of doubt. And, as sequels go, not particularly up there with the original (though even that may not have been quite so high up either).

Rest assured, though, that there's another cud-chewing post coming up very soon. As far as this blog is concerned the cows have come home...!


Nikon F75, 28-110mm
Kodak 100 ISO
2005, About 12 inches from the cow's face, Ahmedabad, India