Some invoke the elephant-headed god, I prefer bovines.

Hurried as this attempt may be at setting up a photoblog, it'll have to do... It seems fitting to start off with one of my obsessions- cows. Thankfully Ahmedabad, where I stay, has an overabundance of the bovines!

Cows are revered and worshipped by some, others see them as a nuisance on the roads. I see them as the very picture of tranquility, idling away their time while they languidly chew their cud oblivious of the world around them. It takes a lot to make the average Indian road cow get moving...!


Pentax ME II Super, 50mm
Kodak 400 ISO
2004, Ahmedabad, India


Anonymous at: June 20, 2004 8:53 PM said...

Cows are something alright... My grandma tells me that my birth horoscope says I was a cow in my past life...

And yeah, I the idea of maintaining a photolog is neat, to say the least, and the pony isn't any less neat either. ;-) It's bigger than mine... :P


Sahil at: June 20, 2004 11:10 PM said...

and the pony isn't any less neat eitherHe heh... thanks Sarika...!