in bright white battles
they did their time;

Now, mute sentinels,
with each passing moment
they mark it...


Nikon F75, 28-105mm
Illford ISO400
2005, Diu Fort, Diu, India.
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Like Multi-Coloured Phalii !

India is a colourful country. More so if you visit Gujarat and Rajasthan- both primarily desert states. The weather's arid for the most part, rainfall is scanty and the terrain is littered with scrub vegetation. The people make up for the drabness by filling their lives with colour. Their clothes, their homes, the streets- everything's vibrant and in your face. You can't help but want to shoot everything you lay your eyes on...


Vijay Lakshmi Sindoor Bhandaar- makers and roadside sellers of pigments, dyes and other colours... The best Point-of-Purchase publicity I've seen in a long time...


Nikon F75, 28-105mm
Fuji 100ISO
2005, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India.
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A Puppet Portrait

When one visits a place like Pushkar, a little town teaming with foreign tourists the year round but primarily a pilgrimage centre for Hindus, the last place one expects to be staying in is a little weather-beaten joint called The Pink Floyd Cafe and Hotel! Nonetheless, that is exactly where I stayed!! A charming little place that you must visit if you're ever in Pushkar... If you go in for that kind of thing, each room is named after a Pink Floyd album- mine was called A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Considering I shelled out almost three times what I would've paid in any other hotel at that time of the year, it must've been exactly that!! This puppet was cheerily posing for me in the rooftop cafe, though the fact that she was hanging from the rafters did seem a little morbid...


Oh, and I've been tagged by George of 'A Daily Photoessay', so-

Four jobs I’ve had:

1. Code Monkey
2. Part-time Computer Assembler
3. Industrial Design Consultant
4. Entrepreuner

Four movies I can watch over and over:

1. Pulp Fiction
2. Life Is Beautiful
3. Ice Age
4. Sholay

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Bombay, India
2. Kodaikanal, India
3. Aurangabad, India
4. Guwahati, India

Four TV shows I love:

1. I
2. don't
3. watch
4. TV

Four places I’ve vacationed:

1. Thimphu, Bhutan
2. Goa, India
3. Pokhra, Nepal
4. Pushkar, India

Four of my favorite dishes:

1. Mincemeat Lasagna (the way I make it)
2. Spicy Bitter Beans Curry with Thalipith (the way my Mum makes it)
3. Blueberry Cheesecake (haven't had a better one since Churchill's in Bombay about 2 years back)
4. Kadhi-Moong ki dal-Rotli (yes Yash, I know I should be dropping in at your place soon)

Four sites I visit daily:

1. Google
2. Myopic Endeavour (well, almost daily)
3. A whole bunch of photoblogs (see photoblogroll in the sidebar)
4. Core77

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Biking it from Manali to Leh
2. Attending Partha's wedding in Delhi
3. Visiting my brother in the UK (Stoke-on-Trent, charming little town and all that)
4. Working in Bangalore (?)

Four bloggers I am tagging:

1. Ritu
2. Salil
3. Suyog
4. Ajay


Nikon F75, 28-105mm
Fuji 200ISO
2005, The Pink Floyd Cafe, Pushkar, India
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Camel Herder


Nikon F75, 28-105mm
Illford BW, 400ISO
2005, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India.
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