Of the human mind

The human mind is a strange thing. Consider this- a grainy, monochrome, macro image of a marigold. Look at it carefully. Let every detail seep in (or as much detail as a grainy, monochrome will allow). Take your time.

Now close your eyes. Try to remember every single marigold you've ever seen. As a child. As a grown up. At home or in the fields. If you've grown up in India it shouldn't be difficult at all. Marigold torans are ubiquitous during weddings, on festival days and in some of the more orthodox households, even on ordinary days like today.

Go back to those moments. Let your mind drift. And watch the colour creep back in. The rich yellows and the deep goldens. Feel the details fill themselves out. The crepe-like petals encircling a heart of miniature towers- fortress like. The marigold in all its splendour- only in your mind's eye.

Truly, the human mind is a strange thing.


Nikon F75, 70-300mm, 1:2 Macro at 300mm
Illford 400ISO
2005, My workshop at Khatraj, Some 25kms from Ahmedabad.