Off limits?!

Diu, a small island on the western tip of India and an overnight journey from Ahmedabad, where I stay, is a former Portuguese colony that retains some of the old world charm even today. I spent a lovely weekend there a few days back, enjoying the sea, sun and sand. And getting pissed drunk at night. And making pictures, of course...! One of the popular tourist attractions in Diu is the fort which once housed the cellular jail- home to several prominent 'reactionaries' during India's freedom struggle.

This odd juxtaposition of elements caught my eye at the entrance to the fort. A 'NO ENTRY' sign, a couple of cannons and several assorted cannon-balls seemingly announcing 'Bugger off! You've no business being here!!' and a stalk of flowers nestling among the cannons as if to say 'Don't take us seriously, we're all about the sun and sand, really...'


Nikon F75, 28-105mm
Fuji 100ISO
2005, Diu Fort and Cellular Jail, Diu.


Anonymous at: July 18, 2005 2:33 AM said...

The second picture looks like a giant penis. Are you sure you weren't looking for hidden erotica?

alexandra at: July 19, 2005 8:40 PM said...

Now anon mentions it, it does have that look. ;-) Nothing like lining up your balls, cannon balls that is!

Sahil at: July 20, 2005 3:06 PM said...

Heh heh...
Yes, I see what the two of you mean. Its hilarious really. Freud would've had a good few words to say about this, wouldn't he... ;)


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