Chai shop and fire hydrant

Chai, or tea, is a socio-cultural phenomenon in India. 'Let's meet over a cuppa' has a whole different experience connected to it! Most villages, towns and even bustling megapolis' are dotted with roadside vendors selling a decidedly heady version of the brew involving, apart from the ubiquitous tea leves of course, milk and sugar and a host of spices- cardamom, cinnamon, cloves. More often than not these roadside stalls become popular socialising spots for college students and office goers alike.

The real estate scene being what it is, in India, business establishments vye for every available space, eventually taking what they get. But a chai shop around a fire hydrant is a first for me...!


Pentax ME II Super, 50mm
Kodak 400 ISO
2004, Ahmedabad, India